The Benefits Of Antique Rug Restoration Services

Some rugs will last for decades and never require rug reweaving or any kind of rug restoration service. But most rugs will require rug restoration services eventually, and when it's time for your rugs to be repaired, you should get in touch with our team. We have been specializing in rug restoration since we opened our doors years ago, and we can repair any kind of rug in a timely and affordable manner.
For a long time, we were sought after by those who needed antique and vintage rug cleaning in NJ, but these days our restoration services are just as popular as our rug cleaning services. Sometimes, rug cleaning can’t commence because rug restoration is needed first. If your rugs fall into this category, we’ll restore them and then clean them to ensure they’re spotless, sanitary, and attractive to multiple senses.


When It’s Time To Get Rug Recoloring

Antique rugs are usually colorful and uniquely designed, and they give rug owners a window into the past. But when a rug begins to lose the color it once boasted, this can be quite depressing. Don't think that rug fading means that a rug is destined for the trash. This isn’t the case! You can always get your rug recolored by our experts. They've been delivering this restoration service since we started our business, and they are meticulous and detailed. You don't have to worry about the rug dye running or its pattern being messed up. Our experts will always handle your rugs with care.

How Rug Reweaving Can Help Rug Owners

Rug reweaving is another restoration service that is often sought by owners of antique rugs. If your rug starts to unravel, this is when reweaving will be necessary. Our experts can perform this rug restoration service for a low price, and you'll have your rug back to you before you even notice it's gone. Once your rug has been rewoven, it'll be sturdy for many years to come.

Why Individuals Choose To Get Rug Binding

Rug binding is another rug restoration service that we are proud to deliver. Using binding tape or a special sewing machine, we will bind your rug so it’s sound and visually appealing as well. Rug binding is another useful rug restoration service that will save a rug owner from having to get an expensive rug replacement. We do rug binding more than we perform any other restoration services. Some don’t believe that antique rugs can be bound, but we say otherwise. You’ll see!

Rug Fringing Will Save You From Getting A Replacement Rug

Rug fringing is an incredibly useful rug restoration service. A rug’s fringe is like its backbone, which means when this gets damaged, the whole rug is in jeopardy. We’ll fix your rug’s fringe so it doesn't pose any threat to your rug. Once we do a thorough fringing, you won't have to worry about this being a problem for years. This is a service we can perform in under three days, and rug fringing doesn't cost a lot of money either.